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Thread: Factory threaded barrels

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    Unhappy Factory threaded barrels

    Not sure if this is the right section, but here goes.......
    Rifle is a Browning X-Bolt in .223 rem, I bought it just under a year ago and quite like it, with a few provisos.
    The moderator I chose is a bit heavy although very efficient, a Pess T12.
    Factory thread is 14x1 metric fine, not very well done, and in my opinion too big a thread for the barrel diameter which is 15.1mm at the thread shoulder.
    I had been thinking of getting a lighter muzzle mounted can, weight is the main issue, as long as it makes it a little quieter than no can I'd be happy, and if it ends up about the same as my unmoderated .22 hornet i'd be ecstatic.
    However from what I can see the thread could not safely hold, or align a muzzle mounted can due to a lack of shoulder.
    Another thing is the mod has always loosened off after a few shots, and never feels right when you do it up, it does not go down tight and lock, just gets tighter, almost feels like it would strip if tightened further.
    Thread in the moderator is fine, and tightens down on a mates T3 as it should.
    In the pic you can see how badly the shoulder is formed, and having looked at a couple more X-bolts in .223 mine is not the only one to suffer this problem.
    Now next Friday I am having my Hornet barrel threaded by Brock & Norris, the thread will be 1/2 x 20, is it worth having the X-bolt done the same, at the same time ?
    If I do I won't have a moderated rifle at all, till I can find the cash to buy a new mod, although I will have a Pess T12 in 14x1mm going spare.
    I only have one spare slot for a moderator, so it would be nice if the new mod does both rifles, although it is far more important that it suits the hornet, all it has to do on the .223 is survive and take the worst of the bang away.


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    I'd get that thread changed, 1/2" x20 would suit that barrel and the 223.

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    Metric M14x1mm thread is .551"

    Usually, the root depth of the M14x1mm thread is circa .056" deep.

    So, if you were to turn down the existing thread to 1/2" UNF (1/2" x 20 Tpi), you would still have some metric threads showing.

    Personally, I would ask Mike to create a new thread and crown, using the shoulder of the existing thread as a start point - obviously taking some material off...

    You will lose circa .700" barrel length, but a new crown, shoulder and thread will be well worth it....

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    I came to the same conclusion
    To make it worse the undercut is deeper than needed, leaving only 12.55mm
    I'm not worried about losing a little length, I had even considered chopping the Hornet barrel from 22.5" to 20" just to
    keep the length with moderator fitted down a little as I use it from the car quit a bit.
    Not sure on this though, loading 11 grains of H110 under a 35 grain V-Max it will all be burnt before the bullet exits the barrel anyway, just not sure how much velocity it will cost me
    (I wish they would make quick load for Mac)


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    That's a piss poor bit of turning considering it's been factory produced , the "neck"/undercutting, should be right up to the shoulder to allow the mod to sit square. I've got a tikka t3 lite, thats been screwed 14X1 and my mod screws on like silk and has never come loose, mind I do have a DM80 223 dedicated mod, one of the best on the market as far as I'm concerned. What I do find strange is the fact that an american rifle has a metric thread on it. I've just ordered a weatherby vanguard carbine and thats factory screwcut 1/2" and thats produced in japan. I think you are on the right track to have it cut back, rethreaded and recrowned, and yes, one mod would do both rifles.

    PS loss of vlocity is aprox 50 feet per sec per inch removed
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    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    That's a piss poor bit of turning considering it's been factory produced.
    To put it mildly, but the question is this, is it factory or importer threaded, if importer it's not been re-proofed ?
    No mark at all near the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    What I do find strange is the fact that an american rifle has a metric thread on it.
    It's Japanese not American, or so I'm told

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    MY tikka is factory threaded and that has the EU equivelent proof mark stamped by the thread. It sounds very much as if the importer has had it threaded, I had 2 BRNO's, edgar bros importers, and the screw cutting on them was crap, it sounds as if the brownings are being made by howa if they're made in japan, the weatherbies certainly are, and both makes have american origins, I'll bet that every thread on your rifle with the exception of the barrel is american fine.

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    Made by Miroku, or so it says on the barrel
    The action screws are M6x1 metric standard.


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    Neil, I stand corrected sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    Neil, I stand corrected sir.
    I've owned it for nearly a year and I had to take another look


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