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Thread: Moorland fires

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    Moorland fires

    how much damage is this doing to stalking area

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    Only time will tell, only know a little information from radio reports at moment, fingers crossed it will be minimal.
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    depends on WHAT its burning.

    if its old rank heather and old grass then it will do it the world of good.
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    should have added not only to stalking but grouse at this time is it not a critical time for grouse nests.Seem to remember young keepers being sent out all night on fox watch about this time.

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    I flew back from Lewis yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely day on Lewis but as the day went on we developed a sort of heat haze/mist which didn't seem unusual at the time. When I got on the plane the pilot did the usual chat and said that the weather in Glasgow was similar to Stornoway except for the smoke. It wasn't until we got up that I put things together and realised that what I was seeing wasn't mist or heat haze but smoke from fires on the west coast - I'd guess Lewis is 40 miles off the coast!

    From the plane I saw quite a few areas on fire, including some that looked pretty massive with whole hills clearly black and smoke rising from the edges of the burnt bits. I'm also told that an area I stalk here in Ireland is currently on fire and in a bad way so need to check up on that myself - as it is a forest any fire would be a disaster.

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    Deer man shot a deer with burnt feet so it would appear that they don't all escape?

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    I had a small fire started on the side of the road by a fag butt, my problem was the proximity to a plantation that my house is at the other end, it took 6 fire appliances and 24 firemen 8 hours to put it out and we only just managed to keep it out of the forrestery, but at least I will know where all my hinds will be next winter!Click image for larger version. 

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    just for scale the forrestery plantation on the left is 3/4 mile wide.

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