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Thread: Hi All From Celle, Germany

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    Smile Hi All From Celle, Germany

    Hi All,

    Just joined the forum and looking forward to some tips,advice on all things shooting. PassedGerman hunting licence (Jagdschein) in April 08 and mainly shoot from highseats in Germany, but have been stalking in Inverness, Scotland honing mysniper skills since 98.


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    Hi from the uk, welcome great site and alot of very knowlegible guys and girl on here.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Hi Jacko,
    I lived in Celle for four years back in the seventies, lovely place.
    I dealt with Rehwinkel for most of my shooting stuff when I was there.
    Where did you take your Jagdschein prufung ? I studied for mine and took parts of the exam in Hildesheim, Soltau and the final exam in Fallingbostel and got my Jagdschein presented to me in 1972.
    When I went back to Celle in 1980 and asked for a Jagdschein I was given a light green, floppy one with 'Jagdschein Fur Auslander' printed on the front whereas the original one was like the old passport.

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    hi EMcC

    Celle hasn’tchanged I have been hear from 89 it’s a beautiful town and surrounding area.Rehwinkel is now called Mowinkel and has now moved just outside Celle but stilla good shop. I studied for my Jagdschein in Paderborn with the army as part ofa hunting club not much will have changed I don’t think, but now we do animalpicture recognition as part of the test. I to have the light green floppy Jagdschein with Auslander on it but the Germans don’t mind. What Ido like here though is thetraditions that go with the hunts like the way the beasts are laid out in order of seniorityand the different styles of hunts that are conducted something that is missingfrom the UK.

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    Rehwinkel was on the outskirts of Celle when I was there, I am surprised he is still alive.
    There was another guy called Wilhelm Ohlau lived on the outskirts of Fallingbostel used to do a good business in all things for hunting. He was also the 'Hundemeister' for hunting dogs, he also had the stud for German Wirehaired Pointers.
    He will definitely be dead now but I'm not sure whether his eldest son was going to take it on.
    Ah happy days, I only wish I'd kept in touch with everybody when I came back here but I never thought I'd be able to afford to carry on with the driven boar hunts over there so bowed out gracefully.

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    welcome aboard. enjoy !

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