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Thread: Importing target bullets.

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    Importing target bullets.

    Have any of you guys ever imported target bullets from the USA. The reason I ask is that Berger bullets are 30 a box over here yet I can get them for 13 a box from the USA. I have asked my FEO and he sees no issues, have any of you guys tried bringing them in???

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    yes, go to cliffs gunsmithing, delivered to you door at the right price

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    +1 for cliffs. Very good service
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
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    another +1 for cliffsgunsmithing

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    I take that expanding bullets are the same as target bullets, no issues regarding importing !?

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    expanding seems to work the same and another + for cliff even has filling in the paperwork down to an art without getting you clobbered for import tax. 30 for 200 sierra bullets delivered to your doorstep takes a bit of beating

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    I ordered 1200 Berger's from Reloading International a few weeks ago. They asked for a letter from confirming an import licence was not required which I checked and then supplied, they then apply for an export licence which is issued in about a week and they are then popped in the post and mailed out.

    RI charge 10% for the export licence and paperwork, so add that to the cost, then allow for postage, 20% duty at this end (Unless you are incredibly lucky) and a final GBP8 for the privilage of having them delivered by Parcel Force.

    They still worked out cheaper than over here and the main reason I went for them is the bullets I wanted were not available in the UK

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