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Thread: Wanted Parker Hale scope mounts

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    Wanted Parker Hale scope mounts

    Hi, can anybody help

    I am looking for a set of parker hale mounts to fit a mauser 98 action, if anyone has 26mm if not 1inch or 30mm rings would be OK


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    Hi ive got two sets sitting in front of me, both RALS3 low and medium height and im sure there 1 inch.
    PM me and you can have them for free.

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    R= Roll off
    A= Alloy
    3=1" tube fitting

    Have you got the bases? if not let me know as I might have some.

    Hope that helps

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    hi thanks for info
    yes bases are on the rifle, have been kindly sent a couple of sets of rings from Husky(grand lad)
    have a 26mm tube scope,so will now have to get a 1 inch to fit the rings.regards

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    Had a better look at the mounts, 1 set of RALS3 and 1 set of RAHS3, low and high mounts better on your rifle than my cupboard, posted today so should be with you soon.
    Cheers Husky

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    Trouble is that the RAHS4's are fetching a premium right now due to the classic shooters and the Enforcer types floating about I believe. The RALs4's are bit more common. The P-H 30mm rings are a bit like Rocking horse poo and when they do come up damned expensive.

    Depending on the scope objective bell diameter and if you can get away with low rings. Just checked and two sets of RALS4's and one of RAHs4 rings the highs are strange in that neither are drill for the recoil stud? I buy them when I see they reasonably priced JIC.

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    i am now enlightened,thing with Husky he is a scotsman and gentleman and did not want anything for the mounts just helping me out(its a highland thing)
    did not even mention postage cost to send to me
    i have spoken to him on the phone and said i would send him somthing to cover postage and a few drams
    but if you want to put a valuation on the mounts post it up and i will be happy to pay if i can talk Husky into accepting your valuation

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    I was not suggesting values just pointing out that they do fetch money the 30mm P-H rings fetch silly money. I just paid 15 for a P-H one piece mount for a 26mm tube....................... no it's not for sale but that was a fairly low price. I did sell some spare RAHS4 rings on e-bay they went to a guy from one of the Tactical rifle makers in the US and fetched 65. This offset the cost of the rifle as they came on it.

    Oh must remmber as I am not a Highand Scotsman that mean never I should help anyone out Oh got it. Must just to remember it though.

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