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Thread: Skinny Roe buck

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    Skinny Roe buck

    Out tonight and had a better look at a skinny 4 pointer Roe buck, it was with two does which look about fit to pop.
    The one doe it was near was much bigger than the buck.
    Question is do I leave it to grow over the summer or take it now.
    Hard winter or unhealthy?

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    I would think take it now if the does are about to drop young then they are in good condition dispite winter so why is buck so poor? it sounds like ideal cull beast.

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    If you think he's in a bad way then maybe best take him, but if he is moving around fine, eating and acting normal then I'd just leave him alone and let nature take its course.

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    Thanks for your comments.
    It seems to move ok, no obvious signs of ill health just skinny, but its a good point, if the does are large why is this one poor?

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    Could be any number of things. An old school very experienced stalker once told me that the month with the most deer fatalities is April. This is due to the new growth coming through and subsequently thin/weak deer overindulging and picking up bActerial grass type infections from the new growth. If he was thin over winter and picked up a bug then that would explain his condition. Just a thought. Sure there are a gizillion possibilities.

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    take him now,let new blood move in.

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    all valid points and without seeing it how can one tell, but, are you sure its skinny and not just looking a bit ragged with changing coat.
    i shot a buck in velvet a week ago which i thought looked pretty awful condition wise.
    turned out to 16.5 kgm in the larder and bloody good eating.

    dependant on the land i.e if your neighbours are rambo etc i would leave him for a month, if he still is not starting to show promise then, well you know what happens next lol.

    p.s mums about to cast him anyway so nature will force him to start to stock up soon.

    good luck f,

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    If it was me, I would take him now, could be in poor condition for any number of reasons, I shot a Doe yearling that was 8Kg (If I remember correctly), a week earlier within 100m of that, I shot a Doe and a Doe yearling, the yearling was 14Kg, the 8Kg was clearly struggling, I suspect orphaned via RTA or Poaching, fit for dog food only.

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    A client off this site took an underweight yearling buck off my lease last week. This past winter has been a hard one, even for this far south, but this is the first buck I have seen underweight this year so far. I was also present when another member off this site took a very small doe, which was without its mother earlier in the year. It was tiny, but was perfectly ok.

    I general in my opinion if they are small and skinny and not carrying the weight they will secumb to parasites and disease far more easily and should therefore be culled.

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    Interesting what you say malc regarding under condition animals being more susceptible to parasites.. Ive shot 3 bucks so far in the last month and all have had infestations of lice (they look like thunderbugs on inner thighs). One deer had only a few, but the other two were fairly heavy. I havent seen this before and wondered if it was down to the weather we have had or the deer?

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