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Thread: Optilock Screws

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    Optilock Screws

    Hi Looking for four optilock screws has anyone got spares or know where to get them from?

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    I have just had a look, I thought I had a chewed set of 8. I ordered a new set from York Guns a while ago and put them on when I last changed the scope. I seem to have binned the old set.

    Regards JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingstella View Post
    Hi Looking for four optilock screws has anyone got spares or know where to get them from?
    hi i could have some of these somewhere , the challenge will be finding them , no i have a couple of sets complete but im sure there is spare screws with them , i will look and see if i can find them , im in moray so im local to you , regards willie .

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    It's at times like this that a lot of us reflect on the true value of buying on the Internet

    I use a local RFD and regularly pop in for free coffee. In 272 years I'll be even....


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    Your local RFD should be able to order them for you, mine charged me a 1 each.



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    Think they are the same as Ruger 10/22 screws if that helps....imperial not metric

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    Forest Lodge at Wragby keep them, can't recal the price but only penies, they also have the plastic rings - that's a gun shot that gives good service.

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    My "local". I would expect to get them free


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    i just went in to forest lodge at wragby today, even though they knew there was no sale as ive still to put in for my fac they took the time to discuss things in great detail, i mustve been in there for 2 hours and loved every minute of it, fantastic people. matthew even commented on the amount of spares they keep in so would be well worth a phone call for the screws

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    A few guys have made screws state side out of alloy steel vs. the soft stainless sako uses.

    Sako collectors forum had a guy making the old style slotted screws every couple of years.
    24hr campfire had a guy making some replacement optilock screws.

    Hopefully sako will fix what they have.

    I'm I. The US and Web Page Redirect have replacement screws on thier website too.

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