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Thread: free lamping outings

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    free lamping outings

    Hi Guys/gals

    If anybody fancies going lamping for vermin, i will take you out for free .

    no garentees on kills (thats hunting). also more than willing to help a newcomer(i know how hard it is to get started ).


    PM if intrested



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    if you were closer bud i'd be sending you a PM......hope someone takes you up on a great offer!

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    Great stuff mate, likewise, if you were but closer...

    Top marks for helping out, it's acts like this that make shooting!

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    +1 -really generous offer 223 - I hope someone appreciates you and your time. Lamping is a real skill and well worth learning.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    And me really great to see somone being nice and offering to help those less fortunate than themself good on ya mate

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    Big Thank you to Dave we went out last night,till about 2 ish.
    Dave tried his damdist to get me on a fox,saw badger hare rabbit and one cute fox,that decided to go out the back door.
    I think Dave was more dissapointed,than I was,I was well pleased to be out.
    So nice to meet a genuine decent chap.Once again Thanks Dave,I will keep in touch,Tone.

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    Many thanks for the experience, we did see two foxes together just over the brow of a hill, we manouvered but were unable to get a shot at them before they had gone into dense cover. As Tony said, Dave does seem more dissapointed when you cant get a shot, but thats hunting.

    Then we came into a field full of Bullocks and one rather large Bull, the rain fell and the lightning cracked and the thunder rolled overhead and with that it was time for home.

    Good company and a different experience, many thanks Dave.



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    thanks for your comments tony and guy

    It was a pleasure to take you guys out, i must admit normaly im not bothered (if im shooting) if things dont go to plan.

    But if ive invited you to come fox shooting with me (and youve travelled a long way )im the kind of person that wont give up (but normally ive knackered you out before then,with 10 miles walking).

    Great to meet up with you guys



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    Good offer, wish someone in northumberland was doing the same. Would like a chance to get some bunnies in the freezer.

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    Eric the red, perhaps my good friend, you'll teach me the tricks of the trade as it were? I can't offer a night out lamping at the minute, but i would be willing to take a novice out with one of my rifles rifle to sit up for a fox in a highseat or a hedgerow till it gets dark (around 10pm at the minute) there are loads of cubs about at the minute, anybody interested can PM me, i'm in kent if anyone that fits the bill is close enough.


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