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Thread: heads up TK MAX danner gortex stalking boots

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    heads up TK MAX danner gortex stalking boots

    went there yesterday and got a pair of danner gortex boots 50 they also had realtree danner boots gortex plus le cross hunting boots

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    newport and cwmbran

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    Went to the Manchester branch today and they had a couple of pairs per size. I got a pair too for 50 thanks to Vincy.

    Great find btw.

    I would say they are probably at any branch you can get to.

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    Dont know if its just Glasgow but my mate went and got two pairs one just leather with gortex lining the other had a real tree pattern inlay 39.99 each pair.

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    I shall have a look in town tomorrow sounds a total bargain 8)

    cheers for that Vincy

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    If anyone down in the Shire is thinking of having a look - don't bother. Our local TkMax in Hereford hasn't got any - although they have a special offer on banjo strings.

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    Any one seen any 11's or 12's (uk sizes) if so in which branch

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    eastkilbride had lots of pairs not a big hunting area .But i am told they will send them to other branches

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    I got a pair of Danner Goretex 'realtree' size 12.5 (UK) at TK MAX Teeside Park today for 39.99 reduced from 170 - now thats a bargain.

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