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Thread: 6.5 and 17hmr ammo

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    6.5 and 17hmr ammo

    I have 23 rounds of federal 140g soft points in 6.5x55 these are from 2 seperate boxes, so i'm not sure if they are the same batch or not.

    400 rounds of hornady 17g 17hmr blue tips, all from the same brick,

    i am selling this ammo as i reload for the 6.5, and my hmr rifle doesn't like the hornady.
    would swap the hornady for federal.

    i am open to sensible offers and am based in south oxfordshire not far from Reading, happy to meet halfway as long as its not too far, obviously fac required and face to face etc.

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    Shame your so far away, im just looking for some HMR ammo. The red tios fire hole in hole in mine so wouldnt expect the blues to be much different.

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    Ill take the 400 rounds of HMR.

    PM sent


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    Do you get down to Wiltshire at all, if so I'd be keen on the 6.5s?

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    Have sent a PM ref the Fusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boydy47 View Post
    Have sent a PM ref the Fusion
    Ermm 3 year old post chap

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    Yeah I realised after I sent the OP. a Pm

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