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Thread: distributing bullets

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    distributing bullets

    What does the law say on handing out bullets?

    I work with 2 keepers that have .22-250's so between us we go through quite a few rounds.

    Can one of us buy ammunition on the estate account and pick it up from the shop (within allowances) then share it round the other two blokes if we record the exchanges?


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    Dont see why not but the guy buying will have to be able to purchase the ammount collected then sign it over to the other guys.


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    As long as you sign it on to their cert, and it does not exceed allowances.


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    I do it all the time my mate or brother often brings me up from England a box of 100 bullet heads when I need them. They sign then on my ticket no problem.



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    Just dont want to fall foul of the law but looks like im ok!


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