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Thread: Fearless foxes

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    Fearless foxes

    Good evening, i'm working over in Ijmuiden in Holland and the amount of foxes here is mad, i went for walk last night at 7pm and went to go through the foot gate and a fox was standing 2meters of and would it hell move, by time i got phone out to get a picture it only moved a few meters. There is folk down here feeding them from there hand. At home i'm lucky if the little gits come with in a couple hundred yards at moment. Why can't i have the .243 here and i wouldn't even need to leave me balcaney.
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    i dont think you shoot foxes in holland

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    Take a fishing rod, there are some great Bass to be had from the breakwater, only problem is that it is a bit of a hike to the end !

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    That is why the Dutch shooters come over to the UK, no way do we ever want the restrictions imposed on them here!

    Bet the attitude regarding foxes would change if they had a rabies out break!


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    You can shoot foxes in Holland but only during daylight hours.

    Only a very few people have a licence to shoot foxes under a lamp.
    A friend of mine lives in Nijmegen, he will travel 3 hours to go out with a friend to go lamping foxes as his mate holds the necessary permit.

    Glad we don't have any restrictions like that in the UK.

    When going on the channel tunnel, literally when queuing up to get on the train, spotted this fox eating some bread next to a snack van. It just stood and watched me.

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    I have had foxes within 4 feet of me in broad daylight in my own garden, little blighters used to sit on the wall while we had barbeques. One even went between me and the open back door to have a closer look. Had one knocking at the cat flap whilst I was in the kitchen watching its mate out the window at 2am.
    They are however much less bold since I shot two vixens in the garden within the space of a couple of weeks!!
    bit like the magpies whose offspring now know the range limits of my air rifle!

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