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Thread: Question about Roe deer numbers

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    Question about Roe deer numbers

    Hi chaps ,

    I am new on the forum and just trying to find out peoples thoughts on things....

    My question is given the amount of Roe deer that are now showing up in all sorts of places
    do you think goverment or animal agencies will try a capture and relocate operation in the future ......any thoughts on this one guys just for the sake of debate


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    Cant see the point of capture and relocate myself, unless you mean relocate to the larder? relocation would then overpopulate one area driving them into other outlying areas and the removal from a location would just mean migration from other areas back into the caught up area.
    We hadnt seen roe in this area (other than a very small group in one wood) for many years (15-20) and just this season I've counted 13 in just three of the shoot woods on the estate.Interestingly, not a buck amongst them so far has been seen. Keepers are leaving them and just hoping the local travelling community dont spot them.
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    They can relocate them to N.Wales, no problem !

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    Hi just never mind Wales let them walk south east white rose county we will look after them Rare/garlic/nice glass of red

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    My answer is no they will not and the actions north of the border suggest nothing will change and the deer will be culled heavier then ever

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    just been and done dsc,and he reckons muntjac are now most common species in england????

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    Agree with 6pointer the government will do nothing but let a problem grow.Bambi factor and all that.what is really needed is to get then to admit they need controling and educate people of that.
    as for muntie numders that is another topic for debate.

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    Maybe i just see more of them as i am usually nightshift but I have noticed a lot more than i ever have especially along the M8 motorway and the M74 near Strathclyde park area , twice in the last 5 months i have had them run across in front of the car just missing them by inches.......underwear needed changing the second time cause I nearly crashed the , it's the same as foxes i can easily see around 70-100 foxes a week around Glasgow area

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    I personally think its great to see such quantaties of deer gracing our country, it shows the natural habitat is getting better & the countryside healthier. Many folk still dont beleive there are so many about, let alone have seen one & lets face it .Its better than ever i can remeber for all live stock numbers , incl sheep ......but its not like there outa hand like rabbits ! One good year & they thrive, 2 bad winters & they dwindle dramatically........thats nature Use dont abuse , manage them well & they be there for years to come making our sport a real pleasure , & the sunday roast more enjoyable

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    Quote Originally Posted by varmint223 View Post
    try a capture and relocate operation in the future
    Ever tried live capture and relocation of wild, free living roe? Not the easiest of species to deal with.

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