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Thread: I made 2 friends

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    I made 2 friends

    I was out in the trees & i noticed these 2 birds wandering around, niiiiiiiice i thought, propper beauties. I kept real still, in my kit &watched for a while , livelly little things wandering, strutting there stuff thru the sun strobes comming thru the trees. I watched & watched , not wanting to alert them as a few other species were about. Then the other animals started to watch them..comical i gotta say, very comical i was just sniggerin to myself & smiling , watching them nuzzle upto the odd bunny & jumping on the backs of the odd deer.
    Then i got cramp !! ouch !! ouch !! ouch !! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

    I wasnt in the most comfertable of positions i gotta say. I could stand it no longer as my leg muscle shrunk up my leg , that was it i had to shift sharpish over , everythign wide eyed & legless scarpered..exept these 2 birds, they came wandering over to me & one jumped up, sat onmy shoulder....cheeky buggers, one was pecking my hand while the other wispered sweet notings in my ear......tame or what! They followed me all over , whilst i tried to hop skip & jump my cramp away.Eventually i reached an open field , crossed some water duct & they stayed in the trees, just watching me disapear. needless to say i didnt bag a thing, but what a lovelly afternoon. Heres my 2 new buddies hahahahaha Shame the chances are they wont be around to long before some clown airguns them or mr fox has supper.
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    It`s surprising what the countryside offers at times.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Well - - you got off light - - these Reeves are silent killers ! They normally lull you into a false sense of security and then stab you in the eye with their spurs !

    You think I jest ? - ask some others.


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    A bit like the 'Reeves' Muntjac on another recent thread!

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    As JRoe says be careful these are nasty buggers - I know I have them. Let 2 cocks out with the hens free range and they hunted as a pair. One would go one way and the other the other and home in on a chicken, tread it and after about a week what a mess the hens were in. I ended up shooting one with my 28b. The hens could handle a single bird. Keep your distance.

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    I been hoodwinked , charmed & smoothed over by 2 attractive birds.......oh no !! but then it wouldn't be the 1st time

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    + 1 on them being nasty sods, went to a release pen one evening could hear poult getting nailed, sneaked into pen to see a cock reeves battering it, a good throw with a stick stopped him for good but found about 6 poults dead after that he'd had, surprised me, buggered up his summer!!

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