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Thread: gsp x gwp dogs

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    gsp x gwp dogs

    hi looking for info on this mix of the this mix frowned upon,is it a no go to mix these breeds even though most breeds are getting mixed this not near close to a great match to mix breeds.

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    I claim to know very little about dog breeding, but I do have a GSP which I use as my deer dog. I know that the GWP is a very different animal indeed, so it will interesting to see a few responses those more informed. I am seriously considering a buying a GWP within the next year.



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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnieandgem View Post
    hi looking for info on this mix of the this mix frowned upon,is it a no go to mix these breeds even though most breeds are getting mixed this not near close to a great match to mix breeds.
    Despite all the near hysterical responses you'll get regarding crossbreeding (Pomeranian x Bavarian Mountain Hound anyone ?), we shouldn't forget that breeds we take for granted today came from just the kinds of deliberate interbreeding you mention - the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizla being a case in point. A Hungarian breeder wanted a larger more robust Vizsla, so a couple of smooth Vizsla bitches were crossed in the 30s with a GWP dog, resulting eventually in the HWV. It was accepted as a breed in the mid 1960s.

    I'm not sure what you'd gain in crossing a GSP with GWP as it seems like a retrograde cross, but crossing shouldn't be dismissed out of hand if you know what you are doing, have a plan for unwanted puppies and have a clear goal in mind. Mind you, anything that makes a GWP less of a pig- headed, bear-trap jawed, hairy, thieving, bloody-minded monster has to be worth a try

    (my GWP bitch is trying to open the fridge door as I type, in order to steal the last slice of quiche that's just been put in there, whereas my Vizsla bitch is looking like butter wouldn't melt...)

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    I'm looking forward to this thread developing....................I have a GWP pup who will soon be 6 months old. As a breed they are undoubtedly intelligent, pick things up quickly and are eager to please...........the downside is they can be quite head strong, {which could almost be construed as a contradiction to what iv already said} but which in my opinion only points towards their intelligence. As for crossing the breeds I really fail to see why anyone would want to, and what there would be to gain from such an exercise !!!

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    This could turn out to be a very interesting thread. I run two GSP's and the only thing that I would change about them is their hardiness in wet and cold weather.
    My mate runs two GWP's and they are always much happier when wet and cold....but are also extremely pig headed when they want to be.

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    Haven't heard of such a cross before. I have seen GWP/labrador crosses being used as deer dogs. The lab gives a good undercoat which helps in cold weather apparently.

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    I have one at the moment, this was an accidental cross good working dog now three years old looks and nature as GSP
    nothing of GWP to be seen, in fact everyone assumes he is a GSP and I never tell them otherwise.

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    In a way I also can't see why you would want to, I can't think of any traits that the average GSP would add to a GWP that you would want. They aren't generally easier to train if anything can be harder. I'd be looking at crossing with something like a lab to enhance retireving and reduce the headstrongness. All that said I wouldn't cross breed but you have to remember there is a big difference in GWP's some of the imported dogs are a major handful or you have the smaller bitches with Bryantscroft in their lines and they are completely different.

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    I wouldn't mix them on purpose, there is no reason. On the other hand, if I would cross breed two breeds, this would be the two that would be about the best to do. It would be like crossing a labrador and a golden. GWP's and GSP's are closely related. In many litters of GWP's you have pups which are very (to) short coated. Being a dogman I prefer pure bred dogs. So I would get a good GWP out of a good line.
    One of the better tracking dogs I saw in use was a crossbreed between a Teckel (dachshund) and a smoothaired fox terrier. He had the nose of the teckel and a bit more leg. So there goes my statement.

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    HERE WE GO AGAIN,,,,,,,, the gwp is a proud noble breed,and is what you make of him,and thrives on a one to one basis,why cross it, if you feel something missing in your dog, breed with a dog that compliments yours it may take a few yrs get there, but thats the challenge,not quick fix by mongralising the breed //////

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