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Thread: 6.5 x 284, 7 x 284

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    6.5 x 284, 7 x 284

    6.5 - a popular f-class, target calibre.
    7 - a more recent resurrection of an old calibre due to better barrel life.

    Anyone had any experiences as deer calibres?

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    A 7/284 is a 284 Winchester, correct? If so, I have used one. It is a very good hunting round. ~Muir

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    Er the 284 Win has been around since 1963, it is an excellent deer calibre.

    This has been used as a medium sized deer rifle (for medium sized deer) in the states for years and gives similar ballistics to the 270 but with the greater choice of 7mm bullets.

    The 6.5x284 has been around for maybe ten years, it started life as a wildcat round used by benchresters and F class shooters in the states and laterly so over here - ive used one for stalking with for 6 maybe 7 years, it is very good and ive shot everything up to and including large reds with it.

    Both cartridges require a long action (unless you intend to use lightweight bullets)

    My preferance is with the 6.5x284 as I have WSM's in 7mm.

    The 6.5x284 is hard on barrels, if you load it to extreme velocity, the 284 Win is not.

    Thats my 2p

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    There was a gunsmith at Charlie's Sporting Goods in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) that was necking the 284 to 6.5 and 6mm in the late 60's / early seventies. The 6-284 was his signature cartridge. I don't remember the smith's name but I remember the shop because the owners brother was a US Senator.~Muir

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    He may well have been the first (or one of the first) to give birth to the 6.5x284 - do you know of any other wildcat cartridges he experimented with?

    (find this subject facinating) - don't mean to steal the thread.

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    I don't. (It really bugs me that I don't remember that gunsmiths name! I will make some calls and see if I can dig it up) I'm sure he was hired for some odd wild-catting projects.

    Back then, and there, everyone was dabbling in the ridiculous. A gunsmith I was working for had a reamer made for a 300 Winchester Magnum necked to .224 at the behest of a customer. No surprise that the pressures topped 60K to barely achieve 22-250 speeds.

    Obviously, he, like others, skipped the bits P.O. Ackley wrote about efficiency, bore capacity, and pressures. All they every got was, "Ooo! 40-degree shoulder=more case capacity! More speed! Right??!"

    It cost a lot of folks a lot of money to find out that when you increase case capacity with a given charge, you reduce velocity and pressure. You then need to add more powder to get what you had originally, at the same pressures. Add more powder yet and you get more pressure with questionable velocity gains. I used to refuse requests to chamber rifles in over-bore wild cat cartridges.

    But back then, there were new powders just starting to supplant the traditional 3031, 4198, 4320, 4350, 4064, and 4831 powders that were the mainstray of American shooters for so long so everyone wanted to get in on the wildcatting act. I doubt if there is a wildcat that you can think of that hasn't been tried.

    Getting back to wildcatting the .284 (sorry about the hijack/rant) there was once a request I had to build a 30/284. The customer was certain that it would be a beefy replacement for the .308 and elk capable. I told him it had been done already and tossed him a primed case from my reloading bench to prove it. He immediately asked to see the rifle it was chambered for so, with as much of a poker-face as I could muster, I handed him a Model 1911 Schmidt-Ruben straight pull military rifle in the original 7.5x55 Swiss chambering. A great idea but 90 years too late.~Muir

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    6.5 x 284, 7 x 284

    Thanks for the input, have put in for a 6.5 x 284. We will await the result, then it will be a case of getting one put together. Any suggestions on who to use, will be gratefully received.

    Riflemaker must be in the UK.

    Thanks all.

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    7mmx284 will get my vote having had/got the 6.5x284 which is being changed to 6.5x47.

    The 7mm guise 284 will be a lot less harsh on barrel life and still be a very good Deer calibre, the 7mm-08 is also worth a look, which the most popular cal in New Zealand.

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    This has gone full circle! 7x284?? You're saying he should just barrel a rifle for .284 Winchester, then??~Muir

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