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Thread: Nightsearcher Torch

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    Nightsearcher Torch

    NightSearcher COMMANDER 700 Lumen LED Flashlight

    Has anyone got one or seen one working ?
    Just trying to do a bit of home work before i jump in.
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    my mate had one when he came up to see me,went out lamping and they are not bad,it was like a blue tint to the light that went stright through the mist,good lamp mine is on order as soon as i tell the wife its for health and safety
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Sorry to confuse or cloud the issue, but....

    I recently brought an Intova dive torch. I'm stunned by just how good it is. Used it for lamping rabbits out to 100m comfortably. Coupled with the fact it's well built in solid Ally, dive tested to 40m by me this year, and comes in at under fifty quid. Just be sure to get the model that takes six AA batteries, as they are the cheapest to run, I haven't changed mine yet!


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    Hey Miffy,

    You could try here - JETBEAM UK - Supplying high power mobile LED lighting solutions in the UK

    I replied to a thread a couple of weeks ago on a similar theme

    I'm using the BC40 (same one as the pic). It's 830 lumens and will last continuous for about 1.5 hrs on max and 11 hours on min.

    Yes I know..... the range is incredible, 300m is correct. It's because they use the latest CREE and LUMINUS extreme high power LED's. They do one (the RRT3) that goes out to 700 mtrs !

    JETBEAM UK do a 'special deal' which includes 2 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, charger, holster etc [url=""]

    It does do a brilliant job worth every penny


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    Ive just taken delivery of a JETBeam BC40. Will be testing it out over the next week or so and will write a report on it once complete. This is a nice bit of kit claiming over 300 yards range. Take a look at the site.

    I took it out for a test last night.
    Weather not so good but had stopped raining when I got out. I compared it to the Clulite Shootalite that I currently use on my rifle. Pretty much pound for pound the BC40 matched it and has a much tighter beam but still wide enough to make searching ok. Bearing in mind this is against the naked eye, I think looking through the scope at the white light will be better at range. It picked up Rabbits and they didnt seem bothered. On low range I could see easily with the naked eye upto 100 yards and full power 200 yards easily and the far hedgeline that is exactly 260 yards away could be seen with the naked eye, obviously looking through a scope would have been better. So far so good. Just need to get it on the scope now and see what its like. Tried it with the Cluson filters covering it, the red took a lot out of it but the Amber was pretty good. Will need a specific filter for this, the normal lamp filters are too thick. Hoping the Masterlite filters will fit.

    Cheers Steve

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    CREE Led 800 Lm Rechargeable Flashlight Torch Lamp SR5 | eBay UK

    My mate has one of these. I was absolutely astounded at the beam it puts off. You could lamp foxes with it. For the money I cannot see how it can be beaten.

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    Thanks guys for all your help.
    Still not got one yet, i will take the plunge soon.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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