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Thread: Rifles and kit sale

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    Rifles and kit sale

    I am selling all of my rifles and equipment!

    I have several hunting and several target rifles along with various accessories.

    Hunting calibres are:
    22lr custom CZ with fluted border barrel and modified sako stock, pillar bedded, muzzle thread and AU rimfire mod. 1000

    6mm Evolution, Custom Blueprinted Rem700 action, fluted bolt, engraved, nitride coated. Border 1:12" Fluted barrel, M17x1 muzzle thread. Jewell trigger. Fully adj A5 McMillan Ol/Bk/Tn. Pillar Bedded. SHOOTS IN THE 1's with 75gr V-Max!. 3000

    6.5x47 Lapua Tikka 595 stainless, Krieger cut Barrel fluted, McMillan Sako Varm stock. NEW Never fired 2000

    6.5x47 Lapua, Custom Rem700 (as advertised on this site)

    6.5x284, Tikka(690?), McMillan A5 stock, Custom Tactical Barrel, New rifle unfired. 2500

    I also have a couple of F-Class/Benchrest rifles which I offer for sale. If you are interested in any specific calibre ask, I may have.

    RPA Quadlite Action, Jewell trigger, McMillan MBR Trakker stock Pillar Bedded 1500, in 6.5x284 USED (will rebarrel at reduced price)

    BAT 'M' GBF-class stock fully adjustable, Pillar bedded, Jewell trigger, RAD recoil reducer 2500 (NO BARREL FITTED) MAG OR BOOBOO BOLTFACE AVAILABLE


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    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    That is some mighty fine gear you got there. I like the sound of them tikka's but i must resist the urge to spend money Hope you find a nice home for them though.

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    But your 'the farmer'! all farmers are loaded!!! sure you could afford em all

    Cheers Den
    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    the rpa quad lite, could i have photos please? ime looking for a custom 6mm posibly 6mmbr and this could be a good start

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    Yes I'll get some pics together for all the rifles and get em posted. Thanks.

    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    Deer Man,

    I am selling up as I have far too many guns and could do with freeing up some cash to further my business.


    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    Dennis, you tight git!!! You could have given me just one of them when I was through last week! You had them well hidden in the workshop obviously!!!!

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    Lol, Brian you know I'd sell you one for twice the price any day
    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    A note to all... If you are looking for a great buy I want some fast cash so offer all the above gear at rediculously low prices... Please call me if you are interested in any of the items and I'll offer you a price you cant refuse!!!


    Apart from the BAT coz its already rediculously cheap!!!
    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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