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Thread: Parker Hale trigger adjustment

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    Parker Hale trigger adjustment

    I have a model 1200. On the trigger group there are 3x grub screws, which one do i adjust to lighten the trigger pull?

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    Send me your email address - I've got a scanned copy of the original PH three-screw trigger manual I can send you. When you do it, bump check it well and make sure you don't adjust to the point where you disable the safety catch.


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    See here:-

    Hope that helps... Sorry was not about for a while

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    I probably sound stupid, but what is backlash? I recently purchased myself an old parker hale 1200. The trigger pull is to light for my liking and want to make it heavier. Other than screwing the top screw in, is there more I should be doing?

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    its the movement AFTER the sear has released the cocking piece

    Technically it is actually YOU that creates it if you have poor technique and are still pulling when the trigger mechanism breaks that tension is transferred into the rifle if the trigger hits its stop whilst the bullet is still leaving

    Ideally when the trigger breaks you either stop almost at the break or well after it or not at all!

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