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Thread: How many deer rifles do you have ?

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    How many deer rifles do you have ?

    I am about to run the gauntlet of putting in a variation for a further rifle for deer use, initial gentle enquiries suggest that I may be banging my head against a brick wall. I currently have .243,.308, and .375 H&H plus a slot to purchase a .300 win mag.

    All of the above are currently for deer use. I shall be applying for a 6.5-284 for deer use.

    My logic is 85g in .243, 130g in 6.5-284, 150g in .308, 180g in .300w/m and 270g in .375

    Question 1.... How many deer calibers do you posses ?
    Question 2.... If you have a .243 (or other 6mm) and a 6.5 or .260 how did you justify it to the rozzers?



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    I have one calibre 6.5x55 and it dose from fox to wild Boar

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    I have 3 deer rifles 2x.308's and did have a .243.

    Justified the .243 for roe and no need for such a "heavy calibre " such as .308

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    Question 1.... How many deer calibers do you posses ? - jointly hold 3 with my Dad, we have held more in the past, but ditched the centrefire .22s.

    Question 2.... If you have a .243 (or other 6mm) and a 6.5 or .260 how did you justify it to the rozzers? 243 mostly roe, other species with 100gr or heavier when 260 is out of commission. 260 for roe/sika. .308 for red stags.

    Long tem objective is 260 for everything and one heavier (in weight) rifle in reserve (calibre to be determined) once my Dad stops stalking. The thinking is to have 2 red deer legal rifles in the cupboard and given the frequency I get stuff done, one should always be available. 243 is currently getting the stains in the stock sorted out, so out of commission for ~ 1 month. Given that jobs like rebarrelling or restocking can take up to 6 months, I have gone for considerable periods with just one rifle in the cupboard.

    Rgds JCS
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    I justified mine with .243 for Munty/Roe deer and fox, 6.5x55 for Fallow/Red deer and fox.

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    i just have 3 deer rifles now a 308 a .303 and the mighty .444 all for deer , fox and wild boar ,pest and vermin

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Got two but only ever use one now 30.06 can't see i'd ever need anything else it does everything i need and well,.243 for a spare and a bit of foxing,would like a .375 h&h if we get invaded by water buffalo though.

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    Conditioned for UK hunting use I have .223R for fox plus CWD, Muntjac, .270W for large deer and wild boar, .300WM for wild boar and hill stalking for large deer, plus a .220 Swift on the way for Scottish Roe stalking ( as my .223 is actually a dedicated foxing rig with a scaffold tube barrel and BIG scope - not exactly light and pointy for woodland stalking).


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    Use a .223 for Roe/foxes and 6.5 x 55 for the rest. I dont really see the need for more than 2 calibres to be honest.

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    I have 2 - a short barrelled moderated 6.5 for lowland stalking and a longer barrelled unmoderated .270 for highland stalking.
    If it were me, I'd try for a 1:1 exchanging the .308 or .300 for the 6.5-284 and then you don't have two .30 calibre...

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