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Thread: .243 Ackley With Border Barrel

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    .243 Ackley With Border Barrel

    For Sale .243 Ackley Improved With Border Barrel

    I am selling my .243 Ackley Improved Rem 700 Spec as follows:
    Barrel 22 inch .243 Ackley Improved 1:8 Twist (Which will stabilise the heavier 105s and 115s) made from 414 Stainless steel by Border Barrels.
    Bolt Has Sako extractor Modification (Work done by Border Barrels)

    Moderator T8
    Stock HS Precision PSS Stock
    Magazine Conversion
    Timney Trigger
    Scope is a 6-24x50 IOR with Iluminated MP8 Reticle
    Hand lapped IOR Rings
    I am not doing what I had this rifle built for (which was foxing and target work with the odd deer) so I am getting rid.
    I also have the .243 Ackley Redding precision Seating and neck dies which complement this set up well.
    The Barrel Scope and moderator have fired less than 200 rounds and are in tip top condition, a few light scuffs on the stock nothing to write home about but just letting you know in the interest of being honest.
    This is how it shoots

    I have done some load development that was with 105 AMAX I have also had good results with 95 grain SST/NBT and 87 grain VMAX.
    I have a selection of 6 mm heads about 50 ish (might be more) and about 80 fire formed Lapua .243 Ackley cases which I will throw in
    I m looking for 2K for the lot(not including the bipod scope caps or sling) to fund my next project which will be a 30.06 Mauser M03.
    If you are interested please PM me

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    Just to add the scope is in A1 condition and will come with the box and instructions

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    Price drop to sell 1800


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