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Thread: One for the trappers

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    One for the trappers

    Over the last 4 years I hav been taking out a mate who has never shot a Roe deer before
    thou in the past we had seen plenty, just never the sex we were after or the Bucks never played ball ,
    To add to the drama a few health issuse hav hampered the proceedings a little
    It has now sort of been my mission to make this dream come true now matter how long it took
    so trying to find a suitable buck with out the long walks normally involved has always been the main priority and on my ground not that easy
    The other night it all came to plan and on last light to ,
    It had to be on last night didn't it
    A nice young 4 pointer as if on Q,
    stepped out and began to feed,
    with the decision made that this was the one
    A simple 40 yard broadside on chest shot with his .243 gave the good news
    a good solid strike in the chest
    the buck leapt into the air and ran , back into the hedge it original stepped out of
    Leaving us us with a 60 yard track in low light and no dog,
    Good job I had me torch to hand and with plenty of blood to follow
    I soon found the fella dead in the hedgerow
    But the look on my mates face to see Myself and his grandson dragging the buck back was a joy to lighten every one's heart
    and to confirm I had done good
    a special celebratory dance to finish

    Tiny and the crew with his first ever Roe (from my phone on the night)

    and one from the next morning

    some days you know when you hav acheived something massive
    that night was such a time
    and it was a pleasure to hav done so with such a gentle giant of a man
    Long live such moments

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    Now thats what its all about bet you are as pleased as when you shot your first buck congrats

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    Nice one Rich, looks like 1 happy dhap there, well done.
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    yes thats what this sport all about cant wait to get my first hopefully asap lol

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    Nice one Richard you said you would try to get one for him, he look's well chuffed.

    Not so sure about the dancing though, wouldn't get you through an audition for the black and white minstrel's.

    Credit to you for making it happen. df

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    its a great feeling when you can put something back into the sport and making someone's day,nice one mate
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    the ace of spades ! thats lemmy from MOTORHEAD isnt it he looks well pleased with himself ,legend .

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    Top man Rich. Your Buddy looks like if he had a tail he'd wag it.
    I just got some old oak, if you want a shield for it let me know, my pleasure.


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    Nice one Rich


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    well done mate, fair play to ya

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