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Thread: Feral goat ??

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    Feral goat ??

    I have a pal here in N.I that shoots a .222 and is asking the legal calibre to shoot Feral goat I have told him that i think its.243 ( .236 100grains ) but am i correct?

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    .243 is advised but it's not law

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    A .222 with 50grain bullet is legal for roe in Scotland if its good enough for Roe he reackons its good enough for Goat ?? I am unsure

    Before we worry about the shot is it even eatable
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGRED View Post
    is it even eatable
    Yes, but 90% will say no.
    Goat is a nice meat to eat if prepared and cured correctly.
    i would seek advice from the Law re the actual calibre and bullet weight if i where you (Thats if you can find anyone who will know).

    good luck f.

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    They aren,t my favorite to eat but our gamedeeler buys them so i take it
    some folk like them would think a curry might be ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGRED View Post
    I have a pal here in N.I that shoots a .222 and is asking the legal calibre to shoot Feral goat I have told him that i think its.243 ( .236 100grains ) but am i correct?
    There is no 'legal' or 'illegal' calibre or cartridge for wild/feral goat. As Paul says, it's advisory only in the HO Guidance (referencing DEFRA) for .243:

    Other animals
    13.25 Authority may be requested to shoot
    animals which fall outside the scope of usual
    types of game or vermin, for example feral
    goat or wild boar. The type of rifle
    authorised should be appropriate to the
    quarry species, for example .270, .30-06 or
    .308 or greater for wild boar. For feral goats,
    DEFRA advise the use of a minimum calibre
    of .243 with a bullet weight of 100 grains to
    be humane. However, individual bullet
    weights should not be stipulated on
    certificates. Expanding ammunition should
    be authorised for this purpose.

    Many on here, myself included, have used .22 centrefires, (22-250 for me) to take numbers, including the largest Billys. Depending on his FEO/FLD he might need to make a case for the .222 - or even better, get the AOLQ condition.
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    I took a Billy in May last year from County Kerry with .22-250, no problem at all using Winchester 55 grain Ballistic Silvertips.

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    I had authority, some twenty years ago, on my FAC to shoot feral goat (in Scotland) with a .357" Magnum revolver.

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