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Thread: New member checking in.

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    New member checking in.

    Good day folks, my name is Tom, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from South West Devon. I'm a keen shooter, knife collector, photographer and general outdoors man. I've not done any deer stalking in the past but I am hoping to get my DSC lvl 1 under my belt pretty soon to enable me to get out and try it, to this end my search for information led me here.

    So here is the hand of greeting, I would be really interested to hear from other shots in the South Devon are or the wider South West with links to stalking/beginners courses.


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    Hi there,|'m a relatively new member myself, so welcome, like you many years ago I'd been rough shooting for a few years, had a .22 loved rifles mostly air rifles, and wanted to go stalking, I bought 5 stalks of somebody in Essex and shoot a fox, the whole deal was dodgy to say the least, I was kucky enough to join the St Hubert club. Passed my written and practicle tests and have been a member for twenty years, as aclub we have huge areas of stalking with the F.C. look for their stands at the major fairs C.L.A. and even STOY CUM QUY. tHATS A GOOD START. check the website. I have 4,500 acres of stalking myself, this I get by helping the keeper every monday and then stalking in the mornings or evenings, get to know local keepers, gain their trust, it works. It takes time to get staling unless you have the money to buy it, gain peoples trust, work for it, and it will come deerwared

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    Welcome on board. As a recent member myself you'll find this a friendly, informative and welcoming forum. Lots of helpful people willing to share their experience.


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    Hi Deerwarden thanks for your welcome and reply. it sounds like you have done very well in your stalking career, like you back then most of my shooting has been rough with my shot gun or with my air gun as well as rifle shooting .22LR when I can (as I do not have my own FAC).

    What is the St Huberts Club I have never heard of it before and I would like to know the best places to get training?

    Willie, thanks for the welcome. I am supposed to be doing uni work but have been reading this site all day it is full of excellent information.

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    Welcome to The Site for Stalkers Tom tom. Ask away on here, you will find good sound advice and friendship.

    I hope you achieve your Level 1 and wish you well with your endevours as a young and up coming stalker.

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    Welcome, its always good to see new members...I sure you'll find your way around the site just fine!



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