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Thread: Nice cull Buck in the sun.......

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    Nice cull Buck in the sun.......

    I had a bell from Foxdropper(my mate)this afternnoon asking if I wanted to pop up his for a stalk,but,as times are a bit tight I decided to ask him down here to save me some diesel,and we met at about 1830hrs.I thought we might go to a farm that I haven't been to for a little while now to see what was about,and it is only local too.We pulled into the field of very long mowing grass(3 feet long)and dropper started off along the top of the field,which normally might be the thing to do,but,I had a feeling that if there was something here it would be in one of the lower fields so we dropped down over the valley and followed the hedgeline along,and as soon as we got to a bit of hedge that we could actually see over(we are both short arses)we spied a Doe feeding out from the opposite hedge just where I had anticipated.We carried on a long the hedgeline a bit and there was a Buck that had been hidden in a bit of a dip in the field and Dropper insisted that I should take it,even though we normally let the other shoot on our respective land,well,I wasn't going to argue all night,so I set off crawling past a gateway making my way down to a small gap in the hedge that I have used in the past to good effect.................

    and as I glassed where the Buck had been,he had gone and laid down under the hedge leaving me with a neck/head shot,so,I knelt down and adjusted my Hazel sticks and pushed the moderator through the pig wire.Making sure that the mod wasn't touching the fence at all I wound up the Zeiss to 16 x and placed the cross hairs on his neck,I controlled my breathing....exhaled....held the breath and squeezed off an 87gr soft point which met it's mark perfectly,he stumbled backwards and there was one flick of a leg then nothing.All the time this was going on I was aware that Dropper was videoing the stalk from a higher position,I thought brilliant that should be well worth a watch..........but,I'm not sure whether he was gertting his own back on me for videoing a log rather than the buck he had been stalking a while back or what(total accident....I didn't have my glasses on so couldn't see the screen)but needless to say he missed the shot never mind with all the stalks we get through there will be/should be a video coming shortly as they this space,anyway here he is........

    We carried on down over the field after gralloching the Buck as we had seen a fox being bossed by a sheep on the opposite side of the valley and we thought we might get him to cross the brook for a lead injection,and on the way we saw a couple of couches that the resident Deer had been using..........

    Although we walked the whole of the farm the Fox never showed itself for some reason,the wind was perfect which is unusual in the valleys round here,as it can whip about all over the place making it hard to get into position for a shot at times.Then as promised we were shown a display of electricity across in the adjacent valley comkbined with the obligatory rumbles of thunder and a few big drops of rain,but we ploughed on,the trouble was as we got to the far end it did rain quite hard for a short while,and we sheltered under a big Ash tree till it went off.the light was starting to go now so we made our way back to the Buck and the Truck tghrough what was by this time soaking wet 3 foot mowing grass.....when will I ever learn to wear the appropriate clothes for the job.I had on a pair of very old(just worn in as I like to call them)trainers and lighweight ebay camo trainers and a mesh jacket,and by the time we got to the Buck it was as if I was walking through a swimming pool,and all I could hearf above the squelching sound of my trainers was Dropper laughing his head off.We got the Buck into the Roe sack and set off uphill to the truck,but in my haste I had positioned the Buck with his antlers at the rear of the sack and they were stuck right in my back.....OUCH! but,I wasn't goiung to stop and persevered to get to the truck and into the dry.It never goes without some sort of hitch with one of doing something(usually me falloingf
    Anyway it was a great night with great company as always,I only wish Dropper could of got a shot,but,he will make up for it later no doubt.....cheers mate.

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    "Never learn to wear the appropriate clothes" That`s twice then.
    Good little read mate.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    It's a lot more than twice Bas.......

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