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Thread: Velvet heads

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    Velvet heads


    Following on from a recent thread regarding the doing of velvet heads.
    Imho they can be every bit as nice if not better than hard antler.
    Here is two of last months velvet bucks that i have done.
    both cut differently to see which i preferred.
    From those my preference is the right.

    atb frank.

    Ps Phil your one is the left one, turned out really nice.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    CB, Your bleaching is a credit to you, I,m not a 100% sure but you will need to keep an eye on heads in velvet because they could start to putrify as they are not hard bone and will have had blood content.
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    I have heard this before and have done several from the past few years.
    To be honest its not happened yet.
    Maybe i have been lucky but once sawn and boiled i dry the velvet with a hair dryer and then sit on top of the central heating boiler to dry completely out.
    Maybe doing that preserves it in some way.
    Also any sign of shedding and i will not do, i would strip it of and colour it.

    If you ever want one done i would be happy to do so. "cheap" lol

    atb f,

    p.s like it

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