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Thread: Home made mosquito repelant

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    Home made mosquito repelant

    Try this at home, it's just great!

    First get yourself good and knackered stalking night and morning, then drive three hours to ensure your brain is operating at no more than 25%.
    Obtain a roe head that needs boiling out, immerse in cold water, add some mild detergent and bring to the boil. Lower the heat till it's on a slow simmer.
    Totaly forget the whole thing and retire to bed. get woken by soon to be ex-wife at 2am with strong smell of cooking/burning in the room.
    Venture down to kitchen. locate stove by scent and touch as smoke will have filled the room and made visibility nil. Turn off gas, release worried looking dogs into garden. Use asbestos gloves to remove pan as it will be glowing red hot.
    Start compressor and fill dive bottle with air/smoke mix from kitchen , living room etc.

    This can now be gently released into the atmosphere if mosquitoes are a threat. I can vouch for this product, as there were no signs of fly's or wives in my house for days after treatment.

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    Good job she was there when she was, you had a lucky escape mate.
    I reckon you owe her a bunch of flowers from you and the dogs.
    I`m glad to hear things turned out ok though mate.
    Isn`t it amazing what salt/country air does to the human body?

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    Did the same thing with a goose egg. put a goose egg on to boil for a egg sarnie. sat down for just a second. Was awoken by a loud bang as the egg exploded. smoke, burnt egg and a burnt pan.
    Must admit it took a bit more than that to make the wife my ex

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    Get down to the local car boot and look around for a stove of some sort so you can this outside...

    Even without forgetting it, the normal boiling process does not exactly smell of roses!

    Domestic harmony is much less likely to be disrupted if this is done outside..

    Edited to add, I use car boot special electric hot plate similar to the one below:

    This work fines as long as you put boiling water from a kettle in it to start, otherwise it takes an age to boil...

    For a pan, I use a large stainless steel dog bowl...



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    I just managed to boil out a roe head using my camping stove in the garden, took one can of gas and I used a cheap stainless pan - no smell or mess inddoors at all.

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    You want to try cleaning large game skeletons collected about 80 years ago, sun dried and dipped in arsenic

    I cleaned something in the region of 400 skeletons during a 20 year period at the museum. I used a bacterial protease which literally eats the sinew, oil and flesh off the bone leaving it clean.No damage through over boiling.

    Mind you I have also cleaned whole Giraffee, and Elephant, but I used an old copper with a wood fire underneath it for that. Mind you I was about 23 years old at the time, but learnt more about big game anatomey through cleaning these specimens than any book or university could teach you.


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    Whats a "bacterial protease"????



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    They use it in many products. Its an enzyme really. The first one I experimented with was Banana Pappine. Then I used one for tenderising meat Believe it or not. The one I use now is used in the brewing industry I think.

    Most of them are made by Rohm Chemicals. You cannot buy it openly, and one teaspoonful will clean an entire Muntjac Skeleton and skull in about 6 weeks without any boiling. Just need a black plastic bucket a fish tank heater cranked up to about 34 deg and de flesh the whole animal and pop it into the mix. Walk away and leave it.

    The interesting part comes when you peel back the lid, hold your breath as it will knock your teeth out

    You simply wash the muck off and you are left with a perfect skeleton or skull. Rinse it through with cold water and place in a bucket of cool water and bleach mix and you are done. Every small bone will be spotless.

    This system is something I have used and discovered some years back. As when we clean such specimens such as Galago's or small primates its essential you preserve all the small finger bones, otherwise the specimen is ruined. And boiling them is not the way to do it.

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    I think this is what taxidermists call "maceration"..

    You don't actually need the special enzyme, as natural bacterial action will do the cleaning, but probably not as quick... The key thing as you mention is to keep the water at around body heat as you say...

    I've done a couple of heads like this and they do come out better than boiling, but boiling is just quicker...The compromise these days would be dermestid beetles, but I don't suppose they are practical for very large specimens, and I believe maceration still gives better results...Plus I don't suppose you want any stray beetles getting into the museum!

    I can well imagine that smaller specimens can easily be destroyed by simmering/boiling as its easy enough to bugger a roe head up, and when using maceration on larger specimens it mean no scrapping is required as given time absolutely all the tissue is removed...

    When I used it, the one thing I did notice was that the antlers themselves retain the distinct smell for some time afterwards...I found giving them a spray off Detox helped, but it still took another couple of weeks before they were fit to put up in the house...



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    Much the same as masceration but a much speedier process which takes out the oil within the bone, somethign masceration does not do as a rule, which is why the skull probably stinks for sometime afterwards.

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