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Thread: Your First Deer

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    Your First Deer

    how many of you can remember your first ever Deer that you shot ???
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    Everyone can remember it, it's just a matter of typing it up, mine was a roebuck, when God was a boy

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    my first proper stalk was for roe and i shot a doe my guide and i had crept up on ,i was shaking so much its a wonder i could hit a barn door let alone a deer ,but it was a good shot ,relief arhh .

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    Mine was a red stag up in Sutherland and I remember it like it was yesterday. I could still take you to the exact spot. I remember the view of the beast through the scope, my heart thumping, and wondering if I would be able to squeeze the trigger. After the shot, the stalker 'blooded' me.

    I also remember my first roebuck, shot from a high seat during the rut. Felt a bit bad as he'd just had his wicked way!

    Strangely, though, I don't remember my first muntjac or my first fallow

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    yes, mine was a roe doe about 7 years ago now. I remember walking up a ride with my mentor and stopping to glass around in front of us, i happened to look behind us and the doe was slowly crossing the ride no more than eighty yards away, i was pulling his coat like a child trying to get his mums attention i was so excited, i can still remember him saying to me "for gods sake calm down and dont squeeze the trigger till you've stopped shaking". Anyway i managed to control myself and took it with a textbook broadside shot. Needless to say whenever i stop to have a look with the bino's now i always have a glance over my shoulder before moving on.

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    I remember the first, a roe doe.

    I also remember well the first with my own rifle, a Fallow pricket. So excited I didn't reload and shoot his mate stood beside him. Just stood and gawped as he wandered off.


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    Yep remember it in every detail, Muntjac whilst out foxing one evening, arrived early & lo & behold Munty wandered out of a hedge line just in front of me.

    First Roe was a young buck from a high seat I'd only erected a few days before.

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    i remember it like it was yesterday, a roe doe

    a great feeling


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    Every detail. From waking up at stupid oclock to shaking like a leaf prior to taking the shot. Roe doe followed by the kid.
    Wasnt really much of a 'stalk' as we'd spotted them up the hill from the (not public)road leading up to the ground. Just a creep along the hedge line to a gate and then set up about 70yds from them.
    First roe buck was a good stalk as was my first fallow doe and sika hind.
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    A switch type young Red stag shot on Rough Side, Kirkstone Pass in September 1961 .
    It was on the ground after 5/6 yards after a heart shot with a 173gr RWS `Teilmantel`bullet from a 7X65R cartridge.
    Served my time gralloching it there, but I had ten years previous experience on rabbits etc. so the principle was similar.
    The real work started after that as it is a very rough stoney mountain, no Quad bike just brute force.
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