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Thread: 55gn bullets in 222

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    55gn bullets in 222

    Hi All Just a post to enquire if anyone out there is using 55gn Gamekings or similar in 222. I have had great success with varmint 50gn heads but most of these are too explosive on roe. If anyone has can they suggest a load for me to try. I have a CZ527. I know that Sako factory ammo uses this type of head so there must be something similar I could work up etc. Thanks

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    I too have a CZ 527 .222 which I acquired off a gentleman on this site.
    Initially I loaded it with 55gr bullets but have found that it likes the 50gr better.
    My powder load for the 55gr bullets was 24.5 grains of Hogdens BLC2 loaded into some primed Remington cases which I got off another member of this site.
    No adverse pressure signs were seen with that charge but as with all new loads it is is prudent to start lower and work up.

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    I use sako 55 gr gameheads on my tikka T3 LITE,I use it mainly for foxs when im lamping and have used it to great afect on roe north of the border,I have no problems with it at all,you have to know its limitations mind you.Im more than happy with this round.Thats my opinion.
    Atb John.

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    222 55gn loads

    Thanks guys all advice gratefully recieved. The Sako ammo I'm sure is very good it was just the retail price ! it seems very steep. Tweaking a home load is very rewarding and helps with final result too. I have been using Re 7 powder and wondered if any other combinations would give better results with 55gn heads. Alan

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