I bought a second hand pair of Leupold RB00 range finding binoculars. Unfortunately they were faulty and they were returned to Leupold to be repaired or exchanged under their lifetime warranty agreement.

I had an e mail back from them last night saying they are unable to repair them and they now unfortunately do not manufacture RF binoculars.

They have offered in exchange the following, their latest and greatest rangefinder monocular the RXi1000 TBR and their Mojave binoculars in either 8x42 or 10x42.

They are about 400

They also have offered
They are about 350

This is the best they are able to offer in exchange.

I am in two minds whether to accept this exchange as I really do want some RF bins. May have to save up for some Leica or Zeiss!!!

So I am going to put a suggestion of giving me a scope instead.

I have a Leupold VXIII in 6.5-20 on my .243, I must admit I do really like the scope other than the very fine crosshairs which at night when foxing can be difficult to see.

What suggestions does anyone have in terms of what model I should ask for from Leupold in exchange. Looks like the value of the other 2 items are around 750-800. I may be cheeky and ask for something that is valued at around the 1000 to 1100.

Your opinions would be great.