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Thread: Can any off you help ???

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    Can any off you help ???

    hi there im looking for some help regarding 4x4 crew cab im looking to upgrade in the next few months and can not decide what to get and wondered if any of you on here cud help me out in what is best to by im looking for something to go stalking in but also have room for the other half and kid when im not at work as most of u on here will no me and what i do as a job so any serjestions will be most helpfull.

    thanks dweeb

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    I can only talk from personal experience but I have a Mitsubishi L200 Animal, my work takes me all over the country and generally a big hill or mountain to get up when I get there, I have never been stuck in it and it's good on the juice as well, get 40mpg on the motorway if I take my big boots off and take it steady, it does have a power upgrade which I think helps, I accept it looks a bit pikey but it does the job, road tax is 130 a friend has a Nissan crew cab and he pays 200, not sure how that works!!!!!
    Oh and plenty of room for Mrs and three kids!!!
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    hi crumpy iv been looking at mitsubishi l200 and thay do have the room and are very ideal for my job but people keep telling me thay have problems with then but with what u have said has gave me abit more covidence in them and sounds like if u dont put ya food down to much are ok on juice as well witch will be good cuz thats the main reason il be looking for somthing good on dieseal and you can get so meany upgrades for l200 to make them look smart and iv also looked at the nissan crew cab but iv been told most people have had alot of problems with them. thanks for ur help hope more people like u can help me

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    ive,got an 06 l200,and its just like driving a car,not had any major problems but apparently original parts r expensive,had a navara hire car a few months back(what a pile of crap).just my thoughts,go for l200 or hilux.

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    I've driven all the main 4x4 double cabs over the years and for value for money and performance you won't beat the new Ford Rangers.


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    second you on the L200. got a 53 plate ok on a run like em better to look at than new shape, ad this 2 yrs no probs except a sensor on the turbo shall keep it a while yet !

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    I had an L200 prior to my Ford Ranger. The L200 was reliable but a bit underpowered i thought, replacing parts was expensive and the engine started to leak oil(porous sump) just as i was selling it at 91000 miles. The new Ranger is far superior IMOH and performs well offroad with a good set of BF goodrich tyres.
    Hope that helps.

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    Ive had a L200 for the last 10 years, first one I sold with 225K miles no problems, next one was the last of the old shape and has done 100K of towing plant around and despite a crank shaft oil leak still going strong, Not sure if I would buy a new one, I don't like the shape and I have heard them described as "soft" looking towards a Hilux 3lt diesel as I know that the smaller enging is gutless. I have also done some time in an emergancy servise spec Navara and I have never come across a pickup that can shift so fast, I know it's been chipped but to what BHP I don't know, good fun with the Blues and twos going (on training days).

    hope this is of some use


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    Another vote for the Navara great spec and loads of room mines done just over 150k and still going strong, had a few problems that were all sorted under waranty but if you torture any vehicle enough it will rebel, put it this way I would buy another.
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    Another vote for the L200 mine is a 4work club cab, no frills, just for offroad, had it since new 04 plate and apart from servicing nothing gone wrong (hope not just gave it the kiss of death) oh and engine upgrade does help for fuel consumption and general grunt offroad.

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