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Thread: For sale top quality working GWP pups. Ready end of Septembe

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    For sale top quality working GWP pups. Ready end of Septembe

    These pups are bred from some of the top Danish GWP lines. The Danish dogs are considered by some to be well suited to the UK Stalker/hunter; being bred to be slightly more biddable than, and not quite as aggressive as, some other lines, without losing any of that hunting drive.

    The bitch is Trudvang Tandgrisner or Igg, her kennel name. After watching her mother work I had to wait 2 years for a puppy to become available from her.


    Igg has been trained and used in the main for deer work but she has also been used as my peg dog on Driven pheasant shoots, and as a rough shooting dog on duck and pheasants.

    The litter sister to Igg is Trudvang Trud and she has just won her first field trail (on feather) against a field of other pointers including a large number of GSPs.

    The sire is Launkaers Magnus at Trudvang. He is a newly imported stud dog from Denmark, and comes from a line of top Danish hunting champions and field trial winners.


    Both parents have good hip scores and excellent coats. In addition, attention was given to their conformation to make sure they confirm with the breed standards.

    At the minute both dogs and bitchs are available in liver and liver and white colouring. Price £500.

    PM me for more details.


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    thats one lovely looking bitch , i have a dark liver bitch for stalking and a grand child of her s in training .any picks of the pups .

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    pop one of each sex into ya bags for when ya come ova

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi
    pop one of each sex into ya bags for when ya come ova
    I would of done but they were born while I was over in NZ.

    Best rgds


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    Photos of puppies ahhhhhhhhhhh.


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    i love dark liver wire hairs sorry to ask are you not allowed to dock the tails

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishgun
    i love dark liver wire hairs sorry to ask are you not allowed to dock the tails
    No the b*stard have banned it in Scotland I would of love to had them docked, but the law is the law, "no tail docking in Scotland" we have just got to get used to it. It is the first litter of working dogs that I breed that do not have docked tails.

    If your dog damages itís tail then a vet can dock it, he then gives you a certificate to say itís tail has been docked for medical reasons.

    Dogs with dock tails can not be shown in Scotland (if that is your thing) and dogs with docked tails registered in Scotland can not compete in Field trails if they we born after a certain data.

    Bas*ards do gooding know feck all vankers.

    Unless you canít guess it makes my blood boil.

    Best rgds


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    It is a real shame because we are now finding that most people buying working dogs are going down south and will pay a lot more for a dog that might have less workers in its back ground . One of my friends had to come up to Scotland quick and take his bitch down south let her have the pups get the tails done and then send them back to his mate as he is going through a divorce at the moment . But it dose show the type of feeling we have for me it really dose make me worry as to the injury my dog will get .It also takes the look away from the dog and if i get a new HPR i to will travel for it.
    PS Do you think slipping a lambing ring on the your dog will warrant the same penalty as removing the tail with a blade.

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    Just a warning to those that are thinking about it, I know I enquired, if you take you pups south of the boarder to get them docked then bring them back into Scotland you are breaking the law.

    You are right ď6.5X55Ē people looking for working dogs will buy a inferior breed animal with a docked tail rather that get the dog with the right pedigree. It will take time to sort it self out, either we will have to accept dogs without docked tails or the breeding of working dogs in Scotland will be finished.

    Best rgds


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