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Thread: Portuguese pointers

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    Portuguese pointers

    has any one got experience with this breed? i like what i see but just being a deer dog is not on the cards. I have a 3 year old son so the dog needs to be family friendly. As I have never owned a dog i need as much advise as possible.


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    First dog, as scotsgun said keep it simple. with a three year old falling all over it you need 'bullet proof' breed.

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    yeah thats what i thought, i just wanted to see if anyone had got experience with them. i know there popular in the US just i haven't seen many over here and wondered what they would be like. I got to say that all the lab pups i have seen have been complete nut jobs, so it's put me off. i do like the look of teckels, but what would you consider a "bullet proof breed"?

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