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Thread: A buck with a nasty headache

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    A buck with a nasty headache

    Had a group of customers coming stalking but before they came to us they were stalking just north of Glasgow. They brought the heads to us so I could prepare them for shields. First one I did I found this stuck in it's head. A 5mm airgun pellet! Anyone else seen things like these?
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    We won't be seeing it if Alex has his way

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    My brother took a silver medal last year which had a face full of No 4 shot !

    Dressed out both pheasants and mallard with airgun pellets embedded in them.

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    snap !got an identical buck 2yrs back, it now sit on my bedside table with other interesting bits . If i can workout how to post a picture i'll put it up for comparison.

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    A friend of mine culled one with a huge abscess on the side of it's head. The cause was an air gun pellet!


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    I shot a roe with one antler last summer, when I boiled it out I found it had a really deformed growth plate, and (I have to say this IMHO is not related) lodged right up inside it's left sinus was a 2 inch long piece of bramble complete with thorns. That animal must have been in some agony I would have thought, though no signs of infection, and clean healthy carcass, what was also interesting was that the one remaining antler had centralised itself on the skull, definitey a 'cull' animal!

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    One horn in the centre of skull, thats a unicorn !!!

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    When skinning a fallow buck last year I found a green piece of plastic that looked like a ballistic tip under the skin between the shoulder blades. The only damage I could find on the deer was a bashed rear off side knee joint and and the antler on the opposite side was shorter. As can be seen from the avatar. Do you think it could be a piece of plastic from an rta that has moved around the body or has somebody been stupid

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