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Thread: Which 22.250 ammo

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    Which 22.250 ammo

    My mate has a browning x bolt in 22.250 (cant remember the twist) any one got one in that calibre recommend some bullets to try? He has some norma and winchester to try, also what weight would you go for?

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    I used to use 50grn Remmington Accutips in my Browning A bolt,they were superb

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    Iv'e used 50 grain Norma Ballistic Tips since I bought my Tikka T3 in .22-250 & they have worked very well from day one.

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    I used Federal Powershok 55gr SP to good effect, I now use Remington 55gr SP again to good effect. Both have had good restult with Roe (Scotland). The Remington 55gr are firing at 1125m/s with 2" drop at 200m zeroed at 100m.

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    Federall Powershok 55g for me, but couldn't get any recently so bought some Sako Gamehead 55gr, which I tried three shots at a target yesterday and they grouped very well no adjustment required.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jase kaye View Post
    I used to use 50grn Remmington Accutips in my Browning A bolt,they were superb
    +1 here. I used these in my Remmy before I started reloading. If he starts reloading for it drop me a PM, tried quite a few bullets.

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    Hornady 50gn v max seem to work well in mine, to the point that hand loads are no more accurate

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    Been a while since i ran a 22-250 but i remember it loved Sako. Cannot remember the bullet weight but it had the Roe Buck`s head on the end of the box.


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    Norma 50 gr are good gear very consistent. Now loading 50gr Vmax with a charge of Varget behind it. Great Fox stoppers

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