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Thread: Lakelander 389 .308 cal.

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    Post Lakelander 389 .308 cal.

    I have a Lakelander 389 .308 cal. I'm having a hell of a time trying to work up a decent load, bullet combo. It seems to be really fussy. I've used N135 and 140 and various bullet weights with varying degrees of accuracy. I've had it pillar bedded also.

    Does anyone else own one and whats their experience with it ?

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    I don't own one, but I do have a couple of questions re your setup.

    What scope are you using and have you tried changing the scope?
    How does it perform with factory ammunition?
    Have you reloaded successfully with other rifles?

    I sure other folk will have other questions.

    Good luck. JCS

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    It must be a reasonably "old" rifle, the first thing i would do before any load development would be make sure the barrel is cleaned back to bare metal.
    I had a Lakelander in .243, it was a really fussy bitch as well, if the barrel was,nt cleaned regularly it would.nt shoot worth a sh*t*, I sold it for that very reason.
    My .308 shoots sub 1/2 MOA using Varget & Hornady SST 150
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    Yep, been through the obvious steps with it. I've used two good quality scopes and just the same really. Funnily enough it shot ok with some crappy chinese fmj?? I reload with 223 and no probs. Cheers .

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    I'm not exactly sure how old it is but its certainly not ancient. Coincidentally, I've just given it a good scrub so i'll see how it goes this week with some more loads. Cheers.

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    Hi, the best results i have had with my 308 Lakelander are Federal cases, 48grns of Reloader12 and 125grn Nosler Ballistic Tips or same cases, bulletts and Vhit N140 49grns.
    With this i can put five shots into one ragged hole the size of my thumb nail.
    I hope this helps, the best Factory rounds for my rifle are Federal 150 grn Nosler Ballistic Tips.

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