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    I have some reloading bits for this calibre for sale in the classified section.

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    By coincidence I am trying to gather some info on 6.5x284 as multipurpose deer/target calibre, (see rifle/calibre section). I take it you have used it as a deer rifle, and I presume you have homeloaded, as I can only find Norma as a factory produced round.
    As a deer calibre, in this case partic reds/sika, how did you find it?

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    As a deer calibre you will find very small advantage over shooting 6.5x55 as the 284 excells between 600 and 1000 yards. Not normal deer distance having said that a very accurate round. My Blaser would cluster at 100 with 140 Sierra gamekings driven with 54 grains of Vit N560

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