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Thread: Dsc 1

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    Dsc 1

    Well we ran our first multigroup DSC lev 1 Assessment and it went very well we had 5 complete the coarse and one dropped out with ill health. The shooting proved the hardest part with a few needing to have a second go at the targets but they pulled through in the end.I took my assessor out for a buck as he has lots were he is but not many of medal quality .He also had a special Roe Bag to brake in so friday night was his lucky night. A great weekend was had by all.

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    Look's like a nice buck 6 pointer, i bet he was chuffed with that even though he's not smiling DF

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    Well done to all the successful people, and well done to the groups involved for getting their members motivated. Just the level 2 left now


    PS a smile would not hurt Mr T
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    As already said your efforts and that of the SLDMG much appreciated in running the first of the Group Assessments. A thoroughly enjoyable and successful event. Our appreciation to Andrew.

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    good job done great day

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    That is one ugly barsteward did that Buck die of fright .

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    im trying to get mine done through NGO but not getting any reply on alan berrils number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    That is one ugly barsteward did that Buck die of fright .
    Bob i near pissed my self Laughing there ,but the deer was shot eventually. . But back to the lads that done the Lev 1 it was nice to see them all do it in such a sporting manner. Thanks to all who offered there services for free it was well attended and i hope we can offer the next set of lads the same free deal.
    Also i must thank Ronnie Rose who came and went through two important parts of the test in detail.

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    well done there mate, no chance of a smile then....

    at least he can use his shiney mincer for something now!

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    Paul you were not asked, there were enough ugly people there had more turned up it would have had to been a ugly convention .

    Davie said you were to expensive .

    The mincer is for getting rid of his wife .

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