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Thread: air rifle package

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    air rifle package

    I am selling my air rifle kit as i no longer use it. It might as well go to a good home the rifle, pump, scope and slip are all in good condition.

    The rifle is a brocock hunter single shot with power at 11.8 ft/lbs with 16 grain AA diablo.You can adjust the power ( via google). At factory settings This makes a very good rabbit/pigeon controller out to 40 yards if you dont want to use your .243. With 200bar in the tank you get about 60 shots.

    The pump is from FX good and sturdy and can pump up to 250 bar.

    The scope is a chinky copy of some thing, but it works and is in good condition.

    The slip is nothing special but it will protect the rifle and i use the slips strap as a sling when i carry the rifle.

    There are some pellets too so you wont even need to go to shop to buy them.Just pump it up and go, simples.

    This would make a great starter outfit for some one who is learning the ideas of stalking from controlling rabbits i swear those things have ears in there toes.

    350 ono the lot

    If you want it posted i would have to get a quote for you, and on that note does anyone know a courier that will take air rifles?

    p.s it will be on gun trader too.

    p.p.s i will consider a swap if any one has a reasonable quality .243. NOW SOLD THANKS GUYS FOR THE INTEREST
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    Any one interested?

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    price drop to 325 guys

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