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Thread: 950yrd shot at a deer

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    950yrd shot at a deer

    I have just been sent this link to a video clip by a fellow stalker.

    Click on video clip on the l/h/s of the page.

    What do you think?

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    It is an impressive shot but who in their right mind

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    Impressive! Is it?

    I've watched it again and I think that deer turns and runs off to the right after the shot. In fact I'm certain of it.

    But as you have said. Who in their right minds?

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    Long Range

    In the clip I watched the deer droped like a stone. Dont think I will be encouraged to start taking long shots because that just aint stalking!!


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    What ever a 338 edge is I want one.

    These americans can shoot, and they get all the best toys to play with

    Has anyone seen the clip of the Pronghorn taken at over a 1000yrds?

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    Just found this


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    Too much reading of sniper websites and ultra long range hunting can seriously damage your eyesite

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    And it can seriously damage some poor brute of a beast.
    With inconsiderate pratt shots such as those how many escape minus a leg or shot in the gut ?
    You will never see or hear about the cock-shots !

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    If you can't be arsed to get closer it's time to take a close look in the mirror and ask yourself if stalking really is for you?

    There are plenty of rifle ranges for you to chuck some lead down - but stay away from living targets. Nothing gets me started quite like a load of egotistical egits who only bother to show you the 1 in 10 shots they managed to get lucky with.

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    Long range

    I am with Stagg 1933 and Butch on this one wounding animals is a c@nts trick dont shoot deer at any range unless you know you can put 10 out of 10 shots in a 4 inch circle.


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