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Thread: Forum Error

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    Forum Error

    FAO Site Admin, I get this Error when I attempt to search new posts:

    General Error
    Could not insert search results
    SQL Error : 1062 Duplicate entry '1023073526' for key 1
    INSERT INTO sdforum_search_results (search_id, session_id, search_array) VALUES(1023073526, '205039378c41460a6b4ee38248e6fe89', 'a:7:{s:14:"search_results";s:58:"2901, 2903, 2905, 2908, 2909, 2913, 2914, 2916, 2917, 2918";s:17:"total_match_count";i:10;s:12:"split_search";N;s:7:"sort_by";i:0;s:8:"sort_dir";s:4:"DESC";s:12:"show_results";s:6:"topics";s:12:"return_chars";i:200;}')
    Line : 702
    File : search.php
    Is anyone else suffering the same?

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    Well, I have had no difficulty, but I have notified our technical man, and he will take a look at it.


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    i also hav not encountered the same error
    try running a systems check with your anti virus on your computer to make sure nothing untowards is happening
    better safe than sorry

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    Our IT man can find no problem with the system, it looks as if the problem is entirely yours. Can only suggest you follow Stone's advice, ATB


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    You might also want to try deleting your Internet Explorer history (presuming you're using IE) - in IE 7.0, follow Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History Delete/Temporary Internet Files/Delete.

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