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Thread: Swazi and Nomad

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    Swazi and Nomad

    Evening all,

    Not wanting to recover old threads but I was wandering if any of you know where there's a sale on? Good looking stuff but I'll have to hold out for a sale first I think!

    Got a mate coming over from NZ in a couple of months... I'm looking at you mereside... did you spot any good shops out there?



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    dc the shops out there where the same sort of prices for shooting products although the swazi/swandri where more expensive i got lucky and baught a secondhand swanndri off fleabay and had it delivered to my nz address on arrival. the only thing i found cheaper was secondhand rifles,atb wayne

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    just to add i liked the ridgeline roar jacket i thaught that was great

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    Thanks Wayne. I'm still jealous about your trip!

    I've considered the roar jacket previously but have never seen one - they look good in all te reviews, the only thing i'm not sure of is the fabric, I've heard that it is not the quietest. Might be worth a punt though.



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    dave one of the pro hunters we spoke to before getting out in the helicopter had one on looked good quality and had had it for some time didnt sound noisy so im assuming its like my deerhunter clothing after a couple of washes quitens down ,atb wayne

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    hi, noit a little distance from your self but highland industrial supplys in inverness were moving a lot of nomad stuff fairly cheap , you could wait till westen park the wee man will be there he will give you a deal regards willie/

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    Nomad stuff... good but very warm ...Ridgeline.... good but a tad noisy.......Swazi...over priced......if you can find one...the seeland stalker jacket is good!!
    I have 2 of the Beretta dwp goretex jackets.....and all i can say is..The dogs goolies!!...but at 250 they aint cheap, but worth it it my book.


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    Interesting stuff Steve - I haven't seen anything of Beretta clothing for a while. I may have a look.

    Willie... I've managed (somehow) to have never called into the HIS on my many visits up north. That may be about to change if I don't get sortef before I set off!

    Thanks guys.


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    North yorkshire/sometimes down south and occasionally further north
    What size are you Dave?...... i ask because one of the beretta coats is a tad big for a large...and therefore would be for sale if anyone's interested...... the medium fits me better (lost half astone these past few months)


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    That's a sign of working too hard! You must've got fixed up with the Ghillie position?

    I'm a medium too (almost unfortunatley). I'll consider a pie based diet for a month or so.

    Thanks for the offer though.


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