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Thread: Zeiss or Swarovski

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    Zeiss or Swarovski

    I have a dilemma i have a choice of two scopes both of which are Quality.I can have a Swarovski Z4i 3x12x50 illuminated Ret or a (Zeiss) 3x12x56 Diavari Classic illuminated,which do i go for and why all advise welcome.

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    I've had the zeiss and its a fantastic scope . Have Schmidt and swarovski now. I was in a seat with an aw and he reckons I had an extra 15 mins over his 50mm swaro at last light. Both crackers so depends really what suits your eye.

    Atb Steve

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    madmanx i have all swarovski on my rifles but i have had problems with them and over the years have sent 3 back to be fixed if this happens anymore i would be changing the lot and going for the smaller nightforce scopes.


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    Really, it boils down to whichever you like best and suits you better. The only advantage of the 56mm objective is that it means you will be able to use the higher powers longer as light fades, assuming equal light transmission, etc. At 3x, both 50mm and 56mm will have an exit pupil larger than your eye can practically use, so really it comes down to whichever sight picture you prefer (colour, edge sharpness, reticles, etc.) Personally I don't have much time for vari-power 56mm scopes and find 50mm about the maximum that balances and fits nicely to a rifle, but that is partly aesthetics and may not bother you.

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    i also had a couple of problems with a Z6 scope but swarovski were very efficient in sorting it out,i have heard that Zeiss aftersales service is Terrible which adds to my dilemma as which scope to go for

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    I have only got zeiss and schmidt so cannot comment on the swaro but the zeiss is excellent, now about 10 years old and still looks and performs like a new scope!

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    Had all three of these makes over the years, never had problems with any of them.
    If you don't need zoom feature, fixed power is always best!
    8x56 works for me!
    Friends who have had repairs carried out on their optics (Mainly due to falling) have been dealt with quickly & to a great standard by all three: Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski & Zeiss.

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    i have the zeiss 6-24x56fl it is great at last light for roe and great under the lamp for foxs

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