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Thread: Hello from Wiltshire!

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    Hello from Wiltshire!

    Hi. I have been shooting since early teens. Enjoy Woodcock & Snipe shooting along with friends. Been stalking about 15 years. Also enjoy fly fishing & motorcycling. A first for me this year was to go rabbit hunting! 60 hounds -ended up with about 30 bunnies! Brilliant!

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    Hi Neil,
    Welcome to the site. No doubt with your fifteen years of stalking you will soon be adding some stories of your experiences to the site.
    How does 'Rabbit Hunting with sixty hounds' work, do you have access to the hunt kennels and take the hounds out for exercise !!

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    Hello and welcome Neil -- looking forward to your stories.



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    Thankyou for the welcome! The pack is from the Hereford area and travels to different areas to hunt. I have no connection with the pack but was invited to come along. They have a huntsman & whipper in and hunt on sundays. The farm where the meet was was crawling with rabbits, lots of briar and thick cover. About 60-70 people went along. Not sure what hounds they were using .The pack hunted for about 3 hours .Great fun and not a horse in sight!

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