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    Hi all.

    Has anyone got one of these rifles with the short barrel and if so what are they like to use in the field.

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    Sako 85 .223

    Hi Chris,

    I spent many, many months looking for a good Sako 75 in the same but finally gave up in November last year and found an 85 up at the Gun Shop Rugby. Well, no regrets at all! Iv'e got 4 Sako rifles in the cabinet including 2 75's.

    The 85 with the 20" barrel and an Ase Utra S5 on the end is, I feel perfectly balanced and the same net length as my other Sako's without their cans on. Some will probably think it too heavy but as most of its use is from a vehicle that doesn't really become an issue and with the length it's ideal. Mine is a 12" twist so I did therefore have some concerns about 60 grain plus bullets and their stability but, Iv'e now got 2 rounds that I am most happy with the first load being a 55 grain V-Max and 25.5 grains of N140........ purely a fox round. The other is a 63 grain Sierra semi-point with 23.5 grains of H4895. This one for both fox and an occasional Muntjac on one of my permissions as the owner does not want the Roe shot but hates Muntjac.

    Don't quite know what else to tell you other than I like it! It's different to the 75's and when it does go wrong it's my fault not the rifle. Iv'e never used the set trigger so can't comment on that. All in all a sweet little rifle. The one thing I will change is the scope, I put a Swarovski 8x56 on it but I'll change it to another Swarovski with an illuminated reticle as I have one of them on the .243.....just a personal thing.

    Any specific questions you may have feel free and hope this has helped some.

    Kindest regards,

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    I dont own one but a very good friend who i do a lot of shooting with has one and i have used it loads!

    Great rifle, very accurate, very reliable, very robust and it looks good. My one problem is the weight, his has a pes on the end and all up together its very heavy and to be honest not something you would want to carry around for that long. If its just a truck gun then its as good as anything else you would buy. My only other complaint is that the fore end is very wide (i know its a beaver tail end and its supposed to be) which can make it hard to use from an unconventional rest like a fence post of a wing mirror.

    As far as the short barrel goes i cant comment as i have never used one of the longer models.

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    Thanks lads for your input, have thought about it now and i think i would be walking more than driving around in the truck so dont want to call up the truck to carrie me back so i think it will be the finnlight as a second gun in 223 with the kite NV on top.

    Thanks Michael and Pwolstenholme for your time to write ATB to you guys.

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    i'm looking at one in .308 and 20" barrel. A few folk have said it's too heavy of stalking but I want to use it on the range too so will look for a light scope to offset the weight

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    I've wanted the 85 but haven't yet found one in 243 within my budget only heard good things about the apart from the weight but that's not really a negative

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	54263I have one you won't go wrong with sako, very accurate.😉

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    Had 2 x 85's in .243 and 22-250 and didn't have an issue with weight, both having bipods and Atec mod on them, I was also thinking on the 85 Varmint for my next rifle in .243 (again). All in all very good rifles & as accurate as they come out of the box, so much so that I regret getting rid of them. Both were standard length barrels and very reliable, I used 100g Federal power shocks for the .243 and home loaded 55g V-max for the 22-250.

    Alba gu brth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    I've got a 308 in the 85 laminated stainless varmint. Yes it's heavy and at the end of the day you will know you have carried it, but it is very accurate and for short three to four hour stalks it's fine. I have no regrets buying it and would recommend one. The short barrel is ideal for woodland stalking which is mainly what I do. It will also cope with the range well (have shot it out to 600yds without difficulty) and it looks good as well which although cosmetic is important.

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    I've the 243, 85 laminate, stainless varmint. The one with the fluted 20 inch barrel. Great gun very accurate and like all Sako, very well made. But with a Atec, bipod and scoped up, it's a heavy lump to carry around all day. Also I've found the lacquer they use on the stock to be very hard and brittle, some thing to think about if you use a high seat or, like me, your just a clumsy oaf in general . Mine is knocked to bits. They scratch very easy and it's very noticeable. Don't get me wrong, it's a great gun but, if I was to choose again it would definitely be a synthetic stainless one.. Hope this helps. cjs
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