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    Pes T12

    Selling my Pess T12 (M14x1), this is the latest spec one and not strippable for cleaning, for me at least a good thing.
    The mod is less than a year old, has around 50 shots (.223) through it, low shot count as I bought a .22 hornet shortly after the .223 and now rarely use the .223.
    Condition is excellent, it was lightly sandblasted by JMS arms when I bought it, so it matches the finish on my X-Bolt stainless stalker, would match most other modern stainless barrels as well.
    Dimensions as follows, total length including rear bush 337-mm, back of rear bush to thread (where it meets the shoulder of your barrels thread) 205-mm, diameter is 38-mm, weight is 685 grams.
    Caliber, well I bought it for a .223" but the hole down the middle measures 7.6-mm or .2992", I think this makes it suitable for up to, .250" or 6.5-mm.
    The fitted rear bush is sized at 17.4-mm, obviously extra bushes are available from JMS Arms.

    NOTE: All dimension/weight are taken from my moderator, not from the JMS site.

    I am selling this not because I don't like it, but because I have now had the slightly suspect thread on my X-Bolt re-cut, to 1/2 x 20

    Looking for 210.00 for this, a new one is now 310.00.


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    Thread size is please

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongo View Post
    Thread size is please
    Sorry, trust me to forget the important bit

    Thread is M14x1


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    I've got to ask, why didn't you just have an inch cut of the barrel and then have it re-cut M14 again and save losing 100 on the moderator? JC

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    The rifle should never have had a 14 mm thread, the barrel is only 15-mm thick.
    EDIT: I had two rifles threaded at the same time, the other had to be 1/2"x20 so it made even more sense
    to have both the same thread.

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    Fair enough, good luck with the sale. JC

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    Weekend bump, not going to be a price drop, but I could be persuaded to post it at that price.
    Would also do a deal for an mint Pes Mini-T (not mini-target) in black finish 1/2"x20 thread, but for a swap it really does need to be as new.

    Neil. :-)

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    Can't edit for some reason but now sold.


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