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Thread: Shooting for sport

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    Shooting for sport

    I shoot deer for sport - because I enjoy it.

    Of late I've noticed that in the media and also occasionally on this site it is becoming less PC to admit that we do what we do because we enjoy it. Many now claim to be a "deer manager" and this seems to be an attempt to remove any hint that we enjoy our sport quite simply for what it is. Media coverage seems to focus on the "need" for deer management whereas those playing, say, golf are free to say they do it simply because they enjoy it.

    Now, I appreciate that many on this site are genuine deer managers who are full time professionals and for whom managing deer through shooting is part of, maybe a small part of, their job. However, it is a worry that we are slowly moving away from being free to admit that some of us shoot our deer because it is something we enjoy and it is a worry that this change in "language" may be leading us to a situation where only "professional deer managers" will have any right to shoot deer as it will be far too un-PC to just do it for sport and some meat in the freezer.

    Of course this is not to say that I am careless or unaware of the conservation aspects of what I do and the welfare of the deer comes second only to safety. In fact I might even assert that as I'm under no pressure to meet targets or make money from my deer stalking I am much more careful than someone with a financial motivation. As a sport shooter I only take shots that I am sure will be successful and while mistakes will happen the fact that my sport revolves around taking pride in a nice clean kill on a suitable animal with no commercial pressure is likely to mean that in animal welfare terms I'm certainly no worse than the commercial "deer manager."

    Of course this is not a complaint against the commercial or professional deer manager, quite the reverse as it is often these people who provide me with my sport shooting, but rather my intention is to see how many others out there consider themselves, like me, to shoot for sport. I also hope to encourage us all to see that sport shooting is at least as valid a reason to shoot deer, within a conservation minded plan, as any other and that it can make a significant contribution to the countryside and conservation. One woodland where I shoot deer has hen harriers, red squirrel and a goodly number of hares and in the Irish countryside which is poached almost empty of wildlife of any type this is a most remarkable thing indeed and my sport shooting makes a contribution to keeping it like that. When I go into the woods to shoot my deer I like to see the other wildlife and, in fact, they make a significant contribution to my enjoyment of the day so I support the conservation of these animals not only because it is deemed a "good thing" but because it adds to my enjoyment of my sport. This should be sufficient reason and a more PC reason should not be necessary.

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    I'm a "Freezer Manager", I enjoy stocking them, by means of rifle & rod, these tools I ENJOY using, & am privileged to enjoy the countryside while employing them.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    It ain't a 'sport' .....

    Sport has become so denigrated that I must shy away from the concept of sport shooting, except perhaps when I go after driven boar abroad or to Africa. Surely deer stalking in the UK when properly conducted either as a profession or as a personal choice is better described as a craft?

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    It's "sport" in its truist form is it not?

    Yes we are "sportsmen" and should be proud of it, I do agree we are shying away from it a bit too much. Fishing is still seen as a sport, why shouldnt all shooting or should I say Fieldsports

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    Caorach, Professional or hobby stalker it should make no difference, in fact as a professional its the hobby stalker that keeps me in a job. as far as the PC brigade are concerned when you say that you enjoy what you do they can't see beyond the killing,most stalkers will tell you that the kill is an anti climax necessary but an anti climax non the less, you take pleasure in doing the job well but very few take pleasure in the killing.

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    Yes it is a Fieldsport,i find it very easy to defend MY SPORT to those who may question the ethics of shooting deer......

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    I stalk for enjoyment pure and simple. And I enjoy a stalk whether or not I actually come back with something. Most of my best stalks haven't ended up with a shot. And the satisfaction of cooking what you have shot is immense.

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    I am 100% in agreement with Caorach, I enjoy my sport, and proud of it!!

    Would we all get up at stupid o'clock, drive sometimes hundreds of miles because we want to manage deer??? Our sport is not free either, if only my Mrs. knew how much all my rifles, scopes, ammo etc etc all costs. Plain and simple we all enjoy it, if we are honest with ourselves.

    Even the deer managers among us must enjoy their jobs?? I certainly would.

    Like Heym has said some of the best stalks and most memorable have been when I have not taken a shot but observed something to remember.

    Bringing something home that I can prepare, cook and serve to friends and family is the thing that tops it all off. There is nothing better than serving venison to someone that has not had the chance before and they end up asking for more.

    The more people we can convert in this way the more the general public will understand why we do what we all love to do.



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    Did you know that deer stalking is the fastest growing "sport"in the uk and rightly so I never want my 3 year old growing up thinking that the meat he eats comes from the supermarket self. The problem with this country is there's too many tree hugging hippys that have loud voices and work for the BBC and think the country side should be seen and not touched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Did you know that deer stalking is the fastest growing "sport"in the uk and rightly so I never want my 3 year old growing up thinking that the meat he eats comes from the supermarket self. The problem with this country is there's too many tree hugging hippys that have loud voices and work for the BBC and think the country side should be seen and not touched.
    Worse than that; they think the countryside is as it is despite the intervention of farmers, stalkers, shooters and anglers. I am unafraid to challenge anyone about their consumption of supermarket meat and indeed had a very interesting and positive evening when I was once accidentally and much to the horror of the organisers at the time, seated beside a vegan at a formal charity dinner.
    The vegan girl's attitude was that, while she found eating animals distasteful, she felt that any meat that was eaten should be raised or hunted and killed by the consumer. She felt that the food industry and the chattering classes had conspired to disconnect meat from the death of an animal and, as such, had reduced or removed the moral aspect of meat consumption from the shopper's mind. Hence, across Britain today, families are sitting down to a roast dinner of 6 week-old broiler chicken, raised in a crowded broiler house on a diet of antibiotic-laced feed and genetically bred to gain weight so quickly its legs cannot support its own bodyweight while they engage in a conversation about how cruel is the hunting of those poor deer and suggesting that stalkers and those who shoot rabbits must surely require "psychiatric evaluation".

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