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Thread: Early Morning Post - BDS & DDM

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    Early Morning Post - BDS & DDM

    I opened my emails this morning to find a very interesting email from a chap that I met several months ago.

    If you are a BDS member, like myself, then it should make interesting reading. Once again, it would appear that DDM are throwing their weight about, this time supposedly sending a death threat to the chap, basically warning him off something that he must have got too close to.

    Any way, have aread of the attached document and make up your own mind. But, as they say "there is no smoke without fire".

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    My eyes are running now, must be all that thick choking stuff.
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    ..... some personal info on there that maybe shouldn't be disclosed without consent ! I hope someone would not disclose my address on a public forum wiithout my permission first

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    I have removed the document concerned, it is not the sor of thing that we want on the site as it in no way adds anything of value, and is possibly open to legal proceedings. I have also locked the post.

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