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Thread: Introduction From Midlothian

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    Introduction From Midlothian

    Hi all,
    After years of various forms of shooting... with air rifles (as a teen) then moving on to shotguns, first the clays at Arniston then the pigeons/wildfowling before moving onto rimfires for the bunnies and then foxing with centrefires. I am now keen to learn more about deer stalking/management and am hoping to pick up some useful tips up off you guys and do my DSC1 at some point this year. .....dread to tally up how much this has cost over the years lol

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    Aye but it is worth every penney! I must admit once I had a go at the stalking I was hooked, dont do too much of the other types of shooting now apart from the clays.



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    Hello and welcome Dave - - a lot of interesting info on here - - you'll pick up plenty tips - - as we all do on a daily basis.



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    Welcome aboard.

    Regards JCS

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