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Thread: Stainless steel MYM sound mod

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    Stainless steel MYM sound mod

    For Sale MYM stainless steel sound moderator .30 Cal to fit 14x1 thread. This moderator has had less than 200 rounds through it and is in excellent condition. It is taped up with green sniper tape at the moment but I can clean it back to bright Stainless if required. Sound reduction is excellent but this mod is surplus to requirement. Ideal for some one who has high usage or who is out in all weathers. I will throw in a Neoprene cover for it all for only 175; saving you 65 for what is effectively a top quality as new sound moderator. Open to reasonable offers.


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    Hi Dave
    What is the outside diameter, mod length and length it sticks out beyond the barrel muzzle? How heavy is it?
    Does it have a plastic bush at the back end? if so what is the bore diameter? And finally is it for a normal shouldered muzzle rifle?
    I'm picking up a Sako 308 this week with a factory 14mm thread so am looking for a mod something like yours.
    Regards Ian

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    OD is 2 inches
    Length 11.5 inches
    length beyond muzzle 4.25 inches
    Not sure how heavy only scales I have access to is my powder scales (I live away during the week).
    I have a T8 on my other rifle and the weight is similar if I hold one in each hand!
    It does have a plastic bush. The mod is coming off of a standard Tikka T3; I beleive the Tikka and Sako Barrels are the same so if yours is a standard sporting profile chances are it will be a perfect fit. A replacement will only be required if your barrel is thiner than mine which I would doubt, it will be the same or larger if larger any rifle smith or engineering company should be able to quickly do this work for you. Failing that Border Barrels will be able to provide a replacement.

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    That's a great price for one of these mods,I replaced my T8 with one of these on my 595 i think it might be a tad heavier than the T8 but it is a wee bit shorter,no complaints with mine.
    Good luck with your sale fella.

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    Many thanks for the info - I think it'd be a bit bulky / heavy for my preference, so I'll pass on it thanks very much for your PM
    Regards Ian

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